One of the more unique services we have provided is an analysis of your application. We can design in a toroid for your magnetic application. But, more importantly we can design a toroid out of your system. Let us analyze your situation; there could be substantial savings.

  • In a segment of the Magnetics industry not traditionally known for customer service, Pacific Transformer shines with two week deliveries and fast designs.
  • We have helped numerous companies save money by converting their toroidal transformers to  standard transformers. Remember, toroids are
    usually more expensive than the standard squared off transformer.
    • Toroidal transformers can be the absolute ideal solution for some situations. Pacific Transformer’s staff is always available to solve your particular power transformer engineering problem, from deeply technical requests to simple questions on magnetic devices or more responsive transformer sources. Our superior customer service is just one more reason we consistently outperform all other power transformer manufacturers. 
      Let us help you make the correct decision. Request a quote on toroidal transformers for your application, or contact us today to learn more.


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