No matter if your job is big or small, we want the opportunity to earn your business.


You Have Found Your New Transformer Supplier!

Pacific Transformer has been a market leader in custom power transformer design and manufacturing for over 35 years. With the industry’s fastest turn-around times on quoting, design and manufacturing, hundreds of companies that once utilized catalog parts have switched to a Pacific Transformer custom part that meets their requirements exactly. Why not get the optimal voltage for your components when it costs nothing extra and in many cases, is faster?

Supply Chain Hardened

Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore? Yes, yes and yes. Over the years, we have invested heavily into our manufacturing infrastructure by strategically adding facilities throughout the globe (China, Thailand, Mexico and the US). This also gives us a unique advantage should a supply chain issue arise. If necessary, we can easily re-allocate production to any facility at any point in the manufacturing process. All of our facilities are capable of 3-shift (24-hour) operation and have identical manufacturing processes and capabilities to ensure complete interchangeability. In case of a shipping issue or dock strike could hamper production overseas, we can increase production of our North American facilities in Mexico and southern California and use our own delivery vehicles to ship products between plants as they are less than 100 miles away.


Toroidal Transformers
Low-Profile Transformers
International Power Transformers
Inverter Transformers
Switching Transformers
Isolation Transformers


• Off Shore Pricing
• Risk-Free International Manufacturing
• Fastest Turn-Around Times
• No Job too Big or Small
• Free Designs and Prototypes
• Experts in Agency Approvals (UL)


Quality of the Highest Standard

When it comes to quality, some come close to our high standards but no one can beat us. We have spent decades devising a quality management system that ensures the highest standards possible. These quality standards have been independently audited and certified by the most demanding auditors and agencies. Organizations such as ISO, the International Aerospace Group and NSF International. We are also qualified by UL, CSA, ETL and TUV. We have over one million of our products on various military apparatuses. Medical equipment, satellites, railroad safety and traffic control all require the highest level of quality because there simply can be no failure.

Notable Custom Applications

chevron Our custom transformers are used on the majority of hardware used by our armed forces.

alloy-wheel We have designed and manufactured power solutions for almost every electric vehicle on the road today

tooth If you’re sitting in a dental chair in the United States, odds are a Pacific Transformer is in that chair.

light We have designed and built over 1,000,000 units powering landscapes in the US

medical We helped develop the latest surgical knives and the original cochlear implants

No matter if your job is big or small
we want the opportunity to earn your business.

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