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Pacific Transformer – A Preferred Supplier to the US Military

Our engineers prototyped the originals and continue to work on America’s drone fleet. From the cockpit to the armaments under the wings, we’re on board all manned fighters. Tanks, spy satellites, submarines, submarine detectors, cruise missiles, patriot missiles—we’re meeting the highest expectations of our military command.

  • Many defense applications require us to use the most advanced materials available to achieve power densities far greater than available to commercial customers.
  • Many times a power transformer design must be configured to fit through submarine hatches.
  • Experts in multi phase transformers and harmonic reduction.
  • Three phase inductors and high frequency inductors.
  • 400 hertz transformer engineering

Aerospace Transformers: made by Pacific Transformer can be found on thousands of commercial airliners around the world. Our DC to DC converter parts are operating on the surface of Mars as well as in satellites orbiting Mars and the Earth. Many general aviation planes and helicopters rely on Pacific Transformers as well.

  1. Advanced computer design programs.
  2. Experts at toroid inductors and ferrite transformer.
  3. Most advanced materials.
  4. Small high current transformers.

Black Projects: Yes…

Our company is just as much a solutions company as it is a manufacturing company. Every day our engineering team is tasked with “the impossible”, yet time and time again, our engineers have come to the rescue with a feasible solution. The cost to creating a custom solution? FREE! No obligation to purchase, no strings attached. You might say to yourself, “What is the catch?” There isn’t one! Our rationale is simple: if we solve your problem, provide exceptional service with lightning fast turn-around times, free prototypes, handle the agency approval process and build a quality product at an affordable price, we have eliminated any objections you may have and you are likely to become a long-term customer. We are willing to take a chance and prove to you we are the right company for the job. We just need the opportunity!

There is no job too big or too small. Give us your smallest project and let us prove to you that your search for an isolation transformer supplier is over.


Customer Testimonial: Seametrics

“Pacific Transformer is an excellent company to work with. They have been a true partner in Seametrics success over the last three years. Their quality, flexibility, and on-time performance has been exceptional always meeting our demands. Pacific Transformer has worked with our engineering department to improve our electromagnetic coils to meet our application needs in water flow meter technology. They have an excellent sales and customer service staff always willing to provide assistance and technical support. Furthermore, Pacific Transformer provides us very reasonable pricing that allows us to pass on savings to our customers allowing us to be competitive in our market place.”

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