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Transformer engineering at Pacific Transformer is fast, free, and first rate.  Providing our customers complete engineering services has been a key feature in Pacific Transformer’s success.

  • FIRST RATE: Our engineering team is headed up by David Zomorrodian. He holds a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering and has over thirty years of transformer engineering experience. We have a total of four design engineers and a total engineering staff of eight. Over the years, these guys have designed and built almost every conceivable magnetic device.
  • FREE: Whether you’re calling for a new transformer design, to have your current design re-evaluated, or you simply have a question about something “transformerly”, our services are free of charge.
  • FAST: We get quotes done in less than 48 hours. Transformer designs and prototypes are done in one to two weeks. If you’re in a major panic, we can handle that too! Call and we’ll discuss it.

Why not put this powerful engineering force to work your company?  One piece or one hundred thousand, high reliability or down and dirty, contact us or request a free quote. Yeah they’re engineers, but they’re friendly engineers.

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